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“I have sung all my life and play bass clarinet with a university ensemble, so I am already aware of the power of sound. I am also a CranioSacral therapist with over 25 years experience in that and other forms of bodywork. I was greatly impressed by the combination of Acutonics® and CranioSacral Therapy I experienced recently with Nancy Alfs and Fran Dotson. Like players in a chamber music group, they listened and blended beautifully with one another and with me, the client. I felt simultaneously energized and calmed, and my own creative juices are overflowing! The work is without doubt a “fine tuning” and a joy to receive.”
-Linda K. Bradak, LMT, CST-D
Logan UT

“My sessions with Nancy and Acutonics® had varying yet always excellent results. The first session was the strongest and most relaxing. As Nancy tuned in to my body’s needs, I could feel the tension leaving my muscles and my mind wandering off and leaving the stress behind. One other session that comes to mind is when I spoke with Nancy about giving up cigarettes. She did some research and told me that she learned some new techniques for this goal. As the session progressed it was as if I could feel the tar and other chemicals trying to get out of my lungs. Almost instantly I began coughing (in a good way) as the tar was indeed leaving my body. After the session ended the results kept coming. Not only did I keep coughing up phlegm and tar, but I didn’t feel the strong urge to keep smoking like I usually did. There is something amazing about Acutonics® and the whole balance of body, mind, and spirit. This coupled with a good massage is the ultimate in relaxation.”
-Erik Rodgers

“My experience of Acutonics® with Nancy Alfs was truly transformative. I arrived for my session stressed, tired and drained of energy. Within the first few minutes my mood lightened, and by the end I felt totally uplifted and balanced in my energy. Nancy is very knowledgeable and thoroughly explained the technique and its benefits to me beforehand. I felt completely at ease and cared for and feel I received a tangible improvement in my well-being from this session.”
-Michele Dorsey, Pilates and GYROTONIC® Instructor

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