Sonic Ashram

Sonic AshramSonic Ashram is a therapeutic album of ambient gong songs by Acutonics® Practitioner Nancy Alfs. The name of the album, Sonic Ashram, is what Nancy lovingly calls her treatment room at The Harmonic Spa in Jackson Hole, Wyoming.

Sonic Ashram can be used as background music or with headphones to further enhance the therapeutic experience. Each track incorporates it’s own healing interval. Based on one’s current need, listen to the whole album or choose one or two tracks to help support an area for growth.

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Track Descriptions

Track 1: Grounding and Opening
Grounding tones from the Earth gong coupled with opening tones from New Moon and Chiron gongs.
Track 2: Bowing to Self
A combination of Sedna and Zodiac gongs help the nervous system to relax, allowing space for deep rest.
Track 3: Reflection
Earth, Nibiru, Mars and Venus gongs create a soundscape reflecting cosmic and personal unions.
Track 4: Water Memory
Tones from Sedna, Chiron and Nibiru gongs to refresh connections to water.
Track 5: Divine Flame Restored
Tones from Nibiru, Chiron and Sun gongs intended to heal and elevate heart connections.
Track 6: Winged Shoes
Mercury and Neptune chimes with Earth gong and singing bowls, to accentuate authentic expression.
Track 7: Divine Flame Amplified
Sun and Jupiter gongs expand heart energy, magnetizing one’s heart’s desire.
Track 8: Circle of Elders
Tones reflecting transpersonal planets Saturn, Uranus, Pluto and Jupiter, integrating and easing tension.
Track 9: Grounding and Completing
Earth Day and full Moon chimes grounded with Earth gong.

Recorded November, 2010 at PureLand Recording Studio in Driggs, ID.

“Working in a resort community, I have the opportunity to introduce Acutonics® to people from diverse backgrounds and geography. I wanted to capture the essence of an Acutonics® session at The Harmonic Spa so people could continue to support themselves therapeutically when they return to their homes.”
-Nancy Alfs

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