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jackson hole massage therapyWhether you need a massage to be kind to your muscles after a long day of recreating or work, or you need something to calm your mind and soothe your spirit, the massage therapists at The Harmonic Spa are here to help. Our holistic approach takes into consideration all aspects of your body, mind and spirit to create a massage that is just right for you.

As the owner of The Harmonic Spa, I bring in massage therapists from whom I personally enjoy receiving massages. Each therapist has a unique approach to bodywork and all are professional and compassionate. Your entire being is in good hands to harmonize body, beauty and spirit.

I have been in the holistic healing arts since 1997 and bring thousands of hours of training in bodywork, body psychotherapy and energy work to the table. My massage training and experience is mostly in the clinical setting. My technique has been called “deeply physical”, “spiritual” and “loving”. I like to give deep massage which relaxes muscles while allowing the client to relax. Clients will not have to work to take my pressure. Instead we work together to relax muscles and support the spirit. I feel privileged to work with clients with diverse therapeutic needs and look forward to exploring your treatment options together.

Nancy Alfs, M.A.

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